Production of scrubbers for the water-collecting beam (squeegee)

We offer not to waste time and resources:
- we have a solution and you can always buy an unoriginal squeegee scrubber for any floor scrubber brand.

Squeegee production. Production of scrubber for the water-collecting beam.

Scrubber for floor scrubbers from ACGM is not original, but is better!

High-quality cleaning of floors is when there are no stains, stripes, spots on the surface. Special equipment - scrubbers are used during cleaning of commercial and industrial premises. Like any other equipment it requires consumables. If there are stains and stripes on the surface when washing the floors, then this is a signal. It is necessary to replace the squeegee rubber.

What is it?

Scrubber is a small but important detail in the design of the floor scrubber. Consumable material has a time limit and the active operation of equipment quickly wears it out. Especially if the floor surface is rough.


A scrubber for a floor scrubber is also called a squeegee, a water-collecting rubber, or a squilgee. Why it happens? Because there is still no generally accepted name in the domestic market. The fact is that cleaning companies use floor scrubbers of foreign manufacturers for cleaning. Due to this the original consumable material for such equipment is expensive. Therefore, buying consumables from foreign brands increases the financial burden on cleaning companies.

What to do? We shouldn't give up using the equipment, don't we?

What do we offer?

We offer a solution. ACGM is engaged in production of analogs of scrubbers. In terms of quality the rubber for the floor scrubber is not inferior to the original, but at the same time it lasts longer, it is effective during operation and, most importantly, the price is competitive.


You can order the following scrubbers from us:

  • made of LINATEX rubber. We produce from natural rubber. It has high resistance to water, abrasion in a wet environment and shear or tear strength. A distinctive feature is that the material has a high coefficient of friction. This squeegee for the floor scrubber will last a long time;
  • from polyurethane. Unlike all others it is the most durable material. The scrubber serves for years. It is not deformed in the process of operation, it is resistant to chemical exposure, and the surface does not stick.

How does our analogue differ from the original? Favorable price, fast delivery time and high quality scrubbers are our advantages.

Why order from us?

Our ACGM company is successfully engaged in the production of scrubbers for floor scrubbers. Our customers choose us because:

  1. We produce a quality product that does not differ from the original, while it serves longer and more efficiently.
  2. Our products are certified. The rubber used for the manufacture of scrubbers complies with the State Union Standard, Specifications and sanitary and epidemiological standards.
  3. There is a water-collecting rubber in the range actually for all brands of the equipment which are used by the cleaning companies in Russia.
  4. We provide professional advice and help with the choice.
  5. We offer free delivery for Russia.
  6. We deliver the products in the stipulated terms.
  7. And our main advantage is the cost of scrubbers. It is lower than that of branded manufacturers.

With our help you will save time on searching for consumables and the budget of your cleaning company. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us by the phone shown on the website.

We are waiting for your call and will help to make your work more economical and efficient.