Pad BLUE 505 mm / 20 "thickness 23 mm

Pad blue 505 mm / 20 "suitable for gentle cleaning and polishing, contains a minor abrasive.

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Blue pads 505 mm / 20 "

Blue pads 505 mm / 20 "are ideal for daily cleaning of medium dirt. The material is more aggressive than red and it is not recommended to use it in glossing procedures. Before starting the application, perform a pad test on the surface.

It is recommended to use equipment with a disk rotation speed of 175-400 rpm. These products have been designed to meet the requirements of professional cleaning with a product with a more open structure for the most effective abrasive action. Series 6 is a compromise between durability and ease of reuse after appropriate flushing. The structure of the primary fiber of the polyester material provides strength and elasticity, which makes it an indispensable product in the world of cleaning.

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